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Nu Sans Monospaced is a fixed width version of Nu Sans, optimized for on-screen display.


About Nu Sans Monospaced:

Nu Sans Monospaced has been a long time coming. I started designing this font in 1996 and had completed the outline and bitmaps about 1997. It sat on the shelf (so to speak) for a year. During that time, I had updated the Nu Sans family many times, improving the design of the letterforms with each version. After finishing up version 8.0 of Nu Sans, I decided to take a look at Nu Sans Monospaced again. I found that the bitmaps were really good looking, but the outlines needed to be scrapped. So I finished up a new set of outlines and polished off the character set.

Now that 2000 has rolled around (not quite the Millennium, but hey, we've got three zeros, so that's pretty neat :-), I decided it was about time to extend the Nu Sans Monospaced family. Early in 1999, I got interested in the Selectric typewriter. The IBM Selectric typewriter was introduced in 1961, featuring a replaceable "golf ball" typing element. The Selectric was a popular piece of office equipment because of its innovative floating type element and because it was available in a variety of colors.

One of the Selectric type elements that fascinates me is the Script. Instead of a boring typewriter font, the Script type element is whimsical and friendly looking. I took the "idea" of IBM's Script typeface and created it around the Nu Sans proportions.

To extend the Nu Sans Monospaced family further, I created bold and bold italic variations as well.

I hope that you enjoy using these fonts as much as I enjoyed designing them for you! Send me your comments at The demo version on Nu Sans Monospaced includes the regular (without the international characters or other doodads.) You can get a full version with all the characters, plus the italic by purchasing the Nu Sans Monospaced package. Please see my page on how to register my fonts. A version history is also available.

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