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Nu Sans is a font family that brings Apple Computer's "Espy Sans" bitmap font to the printed page.


About the Nu Sans font family

Nu Sans is a font family based on Apple Computer's "Espy Sans" and "Epsy Sans Bold" bitmap fonts. Espy Sans and Epsy Sans Bold are fonts designed by Apple's Human Interface people for easy readability on computer screens. These bitmap fonts are also used by the Newton OS and Apple Guide.

Now you can use Espy Sans on your printer and on-screen. I was fascinated by the towering x-height and easy readability of Apple's bitmap fonts when I first started using eWorld. Then the bitmap fonts showed up in Greg Landweber & Ed Voas' "Aaron" system extension to update the look of your Mac. I had been designing fonts for awhile and so I decided to take on the challenge of making scalable fonts out of bitmap fonts. Driven by a need to use Nu Sans as a general, all-purpose font, I created an Italic and Bold Italic. I have many users who swear by Nu Sans as the default font for their web browsers. :-)

Starting with version 9.0, I've incorporated advanced hand-edited TrueType instructions to improve the on-screen appearance of Nu Sans at any point size--without bitmap fonts. The regular and bold weights are fully hinted. The other styles of Nu Sans will get the same treatment in future versions.

I hope that you enjoy using these fonts as much as I enjoyed designing them for you! Send me your comments at The demo version on Nu Sans includes the regular (without the international characters or other doodads.) You can get a full version with all the characters, plus a bold, italic and bold italic by purchasing the Nu Sans package. Please see my page on how to register my fonts. Many people have wondered why I changed the name of my font from Epsy Sans to Nu Sans. If you are curious, the whole story is outlined in my version history.

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