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About Nu Casual

Nu Casual is based on Apple Computer's bitmap font "Casual" featured on their line of Newton devices. This font is used by the Newton whenever the user types or writes anything. Designed to be highly readable on LCD screens, Casual is a great script bitmap font.

This font was previously unavailable to desktop computer users. I copied each character of the bitmap Casual font (first by squinting at my Message Pad 120 screen, then by a screen dump) into Fontographer and began designing a fully-scalable font. Quite a chore! But I think that the results are worth it.

Previous versions of Nu Casual were based on the 20 point bitmap. Starting with 2.0, I've used a new technique to make the scalable Nu Casual. The original "Casual" Newton font came in three different sizes: 14, 16, and 20. I designed an outline font based on each of these three sizes and then merged them together to form one font. This technique provides better results when making a scalable font from a bitmap. It takes into account the look of the font over a range of sizes, instead of just one.

I hope that you enjoy using these fonts as much as I enjoyed designing them for you! Send me your comments at

About Newt Color Scheme

This is my Macintosh (OS 9, not OS X) Kaleidoscope Color Scheme that captures the "look and feel" of Apple Computer's Newton OS. Notice that most elements have a 2 pixel outline instead of the traditional 1 pixel. This is to increase the user's recognition of different elements on tiny LCD screens. It turns out that this works well for people with monitors that are set to high resolutions.

Check out the Kaleidoscope home page if you don't already have this popular control panel (or you have an older version).

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