Jubal Sans Multiple Master Font

version 1.2, December 29, 1997
Copyright ©1997 Martin P. Pfeiffer.
Price: $10 for 1 two-axis Multiple Master font

Jubal Sans is a Multiple Master font that brings Apple Computer's "Espy Sans" bitmap font to the printed page.

A preview of the Optical Size Axis:

A preview of the Weight Axis:

About the Jubal Sans Multiple Master Font

Jubal Sans is based on Apple Computer's "Espy Sans" bitmap font. Espy Sans is a new font designed by Apple's Human Interface people for easy readability on computer screens. I've heard that this bitmap font is also used by the Newton and comes with the Newton Toolkit as well as the Newton Toolkit Demo (part of "Programming for the Newton" by McKeehan and Rhodes).

Now you can use Espy Sans on your printer as well. I was fascinated by the towering x-height and easy readability of this font when I first started using eWorld. Then the font showed up again in Greg Landweber & Ed Voas' "Aaron" system extension to update the look of your Mac. I designed Nu Sans, which is a TrueType/PostScript version of Espy Sans. But these fonts were only based on the 12 pt versions of Espy Sans-there are other sizes as well, from 9 to 16 pt.

So I decided to try my hand at creating a Multiple Master font. It is a two-axis font (weight and optical size) based on Espy Sans 9 & 16 pt and Espy Sans Bold 9 & 16 pt. You will need to have a Macintosh with ATM 4.0 installed in order to effectively use this font. If you have an older version of ATM, probably the easiest way to get 4.0 is to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader and let it update your ATM for you (as well as giving you the cool PDF reader :-)
Get Acrobat Reader

After that using Jubal Sans is quite simple. Any time you want to create a specific instance of Jubal Sans, just go to the ATM control panel and press "Create MM instances..."

From there, just move the sliders around until you get the font you want. Press "Create" button when you have come up with a good instance.

Download Jubal Sans 1.2

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